Current Affairs Today 12 July 2022

Current Affairs Today, we gathered all the current affairs of 12 July 2022 and put them in a single post. Important Questions and answers relevant for government exams including topics such as “Artificial Intelligence, IMF, Pradhan Mantri National Apprenticeship Mela” among others.

current affairs
current affairs

Current Affairs Today Questions for UPSC/ IAS Exams

Current Affairs Article of aims to help every competitive exam aspirant revise the day at ease. we gathered all the current affairs of 12 July 2022 and put them in a single post.

Important Questions and answers relevant for government exams including topics such as” Malaysia Masters title, INS Vikrant, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Indian Mughal paintings, Chess Olympiad, Blue Vitriol, The World Games 2022, World War 1” among others.

Current Affairs MCQs

1. Defence Ministry to launch _______ newly developed Artificial Intelligence products?

    A. 80

    B. 52

    C. 75

    D. 97

    Ans: 75

2. IMF Executive Board Approves $638 Million for?

    A. Singapore

    B. Denmark

    C. Benin

    D. Brazil

    Ans: Benin

3. Pradhan Mantri National Apprenticeship Mela to be held at more than ___________ locations across the country?

    A. 100

    B. 150

    C. 200

    D. 250

    Ans: 200

4. Chico Aura captures Malaysia Masters title, he belongs to which country?

    A. Columbia

    B. Chian

    C. Indonesia

    D. Japan

    Ans: Indonesia

5. INS Vikrant successfully completes which phase of the sea trial?

    A. First

    B. Second

    C. Third

    D. Fourth

    Ans: Forth

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6. Joe Biden defends trip to which country in the op-ed?

    A. Egypt

    B. Norway

    C. Mexico

    D. Saudi Arabia

    Ans: Saudi Arabia

7. Which company hires a top firm to sue Elon Musk for ending a 44 billion dollar deal?

    A. Google

    B. Whatsapp

    C. Twitter

    D. Snapchat

    Ans: Twitter

8. Indian Mughal paintings originated during the rule of which Mughal Emperor?

    A. Humayun

    B. Akbar

    C. Jahangir

    D. Shah Jahan

    Ans: Humayun

9. Chess Olympiad Torch Relay reaches ________?

    A. Shillong

    B. Chennai

    C. Bengaluru

    D. Mumbai

    Ans: Shillong

10. Blue Vitriol is another name for which of the following?

    A. Copper Sulphate

    B. Oxygen

    C. Copper

    D. Magnesium Oxide

    Ans: Copper Sulphate

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11. Abhishek Verma, Jyothi Surekha win bronze in _________ at The World Games 2022?

    A. Boxing

    B. Archery

    C. Badminton

    D. Chess

    Ans: Archery

12. Which of the following pairs of treaties was signed between the Allied Powers and Bulgaria after World War 1?

    A. Treaty of Trianon

    B. Treaty of Sèvres

    C. Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine

    D. Treaty of Versailles

    Ans: Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine

13. Which country launches a global naming event for its newest solar observatory?

    A. India

    B. China

    C. USA

    D. Russia

    Ans: Chian

14. Which country starts exporting cement to India for the first time?

A. Nepal

    B. Sri Lanka

    C. Bangladesh

    D. Canada

    Ans: Nepal

15. Which country is preparing for a total cutoff of Russian gas?

    A. Spain

    B. Luxemburg

    C. France

    D. Singapore

    Ans: France

One Current Affairs Question For You

Q. Recently who wins the Wimbledon women’s single title?

    A. Maria Sharapova

    B. Elena Rybakina

    C. Serena Williams

    D. Steffi Graf

    Ans: Tell me in the comment box if you know the answer.

The Answer Of Previous Day Current Affairs MCQ

  • The answer to 11 July question: Benin

We hope this (Current Affairs Today 12 July 2022) article will help you. All the best, have a Great Day 🙂

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