Current Affairs Today 13 July 2022

Current Affairs Today, we gathered all the current affairs of 13 July 2022 and put them in a single post. Important Questions and answers relevant for government exams including topics such as “National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited, NITI Aayog, Constituent Assembly of India” among others.

current affairs
current affairs

Current Affairs Today Questions for UPSC/ IAS Exams

Current Affairs Article of aims to help every competitive exam aspirant revise the day at ease. we gathered all the current affairs of 13 July 2022 and put them in a single post.

Important Questions and answers relevant for government exams including topics such as” Arjun Babuta wins the first gold medal, 94-year-old Bhagwani Deviv wins the gold medal, Sealdha Metro Station” among others.

Current Affairs MCQs

1. Who has become the first bowler in the history of T20 to bowl 500 dot balls?

    A. Sidney Barnes

    B. Glenn McGrath

    C. Bhuvneshwar Kumar

    D. None of these

    Ans: Bhuvneshwar Kumar

2. Recently who wins the Wimbledon women’s single title?

    A. Maria Sharapova

    B. Elena Rybakina

    C. Serena Williams

    D. Steffi Graf

    Ans: Elena Rybakina

3. Who has recently taken over as the MD of National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited?

    A. Sandeep Gupta

    B. Rajendra Prasad

    C. SS Mundra

    D. None of these

    Ans: Rajendra Prasad

4. Recently who takes over as the new Chief Executive Officer of NITI Aayog?

    A. Raghav Mishra

    B. Abhimanyu Sharma

    C. Parameswaran Iyer

    D. Amitabh Yadav

    Ans: Parameswaran Iyer

5. The unemployment rate has increased to what percent in June 2022?

    A. 6.9%

    B. 7.8%

    C. 7..4%

    D. 8.2%

    Ans: 7.8%

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6. Which Union MInister inaugurates Sealdha Metro Station of the East-West corridor?

    A. Rajnath Singh

    B. Amit Shah

    C. Smriti Irani

    D. Piyush Goyal

    Ans: Smriti Irani

7. Who has recently won the ‘2022 Wimbledon Men’s Open title’?

    A. Roger Federer

    B. Novak Djokovic

    C. Nick Kyrgios

    D. None of these

    Ans: Novak Djokovic

8. New President of Sri Lanka to be elected on ________?

    A. 16 July

    B. 20 July

    C. 26 July

    D. 28 July

    Ans: 20 July

9. Constituent Assembly of India was formulated on the recommendation of?

    A. Wavel Plan

    B. Cabinet Mission

    C. August Offer

    D. Cripps Mission

    Ans: Cabinet Mission

10. PM Modi to Inaugurate and lay the foundation stone of various development projects worth over _______ in Jharkhand’s Deoghar?

    A. Rs 10.000 crore

    B. Rs 12.000 crore

    C. Rs 16.000 crore

    D. Rs 18.000 crore

    Ans: Rs 16.000 crore

11. Top Level Chines Delegation to Visit _________ Ahead of key Polls?

    A. Japan

    B. Nepal

    C. Bangladesh

    D. Sri Lanka

    Ans: Nepal

12. How many Shiv Sena MPs urge Uddhav Thackeray to support NDA candidate Droupadi Murmu?

    A. 10

    B. 12

    C. 16

    D. 18

    Ans: 16

13. Indian grapplers bag how many medals in Asian U-20 Westling Championships?

    A. 10

    B. 18

    C. 22

    D. 28

    Ans: 22

14. India’s Arjun Babuta wins first gold medal at ISSF World Cup in ________?

    A. Norway

    B. New Zealand

    C. South Korea

    D. Canada

    Ans: South Korea

15. 94-year-old Bhagwani Devi from India wins gold medal in 100 m sprint in ________?

    A. Japan

    B. Finland

    C. Mexico

    D. Saudi Arabia

    Ans: Finland

One Current Affairs Question For You

Q. Recently, where has the record of building the longest double-decker flyover in India been made?

    A. Mumbai

    B. Kolkata

    C. Nagpur

    D. Gujarat

    Ans: Tell me in the comment box if you know the answer.

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