Current Affairs Today 18 July 2022- Latest Current affairs

Current Affairs Today, we gathered all the current affairs of 18 July 2022 and put them in a single post. Important Questions and answers relevant for government exams including topics such as “Vice Presidential, highest state honor, World Bank, Tardigrade Species Discovered, CM announces relief packages” among others.

current affairs today
current affairs today

Current Affairs for UPSC/ IAS Exams

Current Affairs Article of aims to help every competitive exam aspirant revise the day at ease. we gathered all the current affairs of 18 July 2022 and put them in a single post.

Current Affairs Today MCQs

1. Which State Governor is to be the Vice Presidential candidate of NDA?

    A. Rajasthan

    B. Maharashtra

    C. West Bengal

    D. Gujarat

    Ans: West Bengal

2. Hardeep Singh Puri dedicates _________ CNG station across 14 state?

    A. 141

    B. 128

    C. 166

    D. 172

    Ans: 166

3. Which country is set to achieve a major milestone to administer 200 crore doses of Covid Vaccine?

    A. Russia

    B. India

    C. France

    D. Canada

    Ans: India

4. Sri Ravi Shankar receives the highest state honor of which country?

    A. Peru

    B. Laos

    C. Suriname

    D. Nigeria

    Ans: Suriname

5. World Bank approves __________ credit to help Bangladesh improve disaster preparedness?

    A. 400 Million USD

    B. 500 Million USD

    C. 600 Million USD

    D. 700 Million USD

    Ans: 500 Million USD

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6. New Tardigrade Species Discovered in Which Country?

    A. Pakistan

    B. Nicaragua

    C. Kyrgyzstan

    D. Poland

    Ans: Kyrgyzstan

7. Which state CM announces relief packages for flood-affected people?

    A. Gujarat

    B. Maharashtra

    C. Assam

    D. West Bengal

    Ans: Assam

8. Armenia and which country’s foreign ministers hold the first bilateral talks?

    A. Bahrain

    B. Azerbaijan

    C. Greece

    D. France

    Ans: Azerbaijan

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9. GCC nationals allowed to enter ___________ with ID cards?

    A. Norway

    B. Bahrain

    C. Denmark

    D. Sweden

    Ans: Bahrain

10. Who discovered the Cholera causing germ?

    A. Robert Koch

    B. Filippo Pacini

    C. M. Laveran

    D. Felix Hoffman

    Ans: Filippo Pacini

One Current Affairs Question For You

1. Kuwait to receive _________ Indian nurses soon?

    A. 1,000

    B. 2,000

    C. 3,000

    D. 4,000

    Ans: Tell me in the comment box if you know the answer.

The Answer Of Previous Day Current Affairs MCQ
  • The answer to the 17 July question is: 166

We hope this (Current Affairs Today 18 July 2022) article will help you. All the best, have a Great Day 🙂


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