Current Affairs Today 6 July 2022

current affairs today
current affairs today

Current Affairs Today 6 July 2022, we gathered all the current affairs of 6 July 2022 and put them in a single post. Important Questions and answers relevant for government exams including topics such as “Naari Ko Naman scheme, Financial Action Task Force, GST revenue collected in June” among others.

Current Affairs Questions for UPSC/ IAS Exams

Current Affairs Article of aims to help every competitive exam aspirant revise the day at ease. we gathered all the current affairs of 6 July 2022 and put them in a single post.

Important Questions and answers relevant for government exams including topics such as” India’s merchandise exports rise, Legislative Assembly to reduce VAT on fuel, BBB” among others.

Current Affairs MCQs

1. Which Indian state has launched a new scheme named ‘Naari Ko Naman’?

    A. Punjab

    B. Uttar Pradesh

    C. Himachal Pradesh

    D. Odisha

    Ans: Himachal Pradesh

2. Who discovered Sodium?

    A. J.J Thomson

    B. Humphry Davy

    C. Karl Benz

    D. William Henry Fox

    Ans: Humphry Davy

3. Which Union Minister stresses India should be the number one ecosystem for startup in the world?

    A. Rajnath Singh

    B. Amit Shah

    C. Piyush Goyal

    D. Nirmala Sitharaman

    Ans: Piyush Goyal

4. Who is the new President of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)?

    A. Urjit Patel

    B. Subash Chandra Garg

    C. T Raja Kumar

    D. Viral Acharya

    Ans: T Raja Kumar

5. India and which country sign MoU on High Impact Community Development Projects?

    A. Spain

    B. Armenia

    C. Russia

    D. Canada

    Ans: Armenia

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6. What is the total GST revenue collected in June 2022?

    A. Rs 1.15 Lakh Crore

    B. Rs. 1.20 Lakh Crore

    C. Rs 1.30 Lakh Crore

    D. Rs 1.45 Lakh Crore

    Ans: Rs 1.45 Lakh Crore

7. India’s merchandise exports rise by _______ to USD 37.9 billion in the last months?

    A. 12.5 percent

    B. 13.1 percent

    C. 16.8 percent

    D. 18.9 percent

    Ans: 16.8 percent

8. Which CM assures Legislative Assembly to reduce VAT on fuel?

    A. Uttar Pardesh

    B. Maharashtra

    C. Gujarat

    D. West Bengal

    Ans: Maharashtra

9. Which Assembly passes Salary, Allowances, and Pension Amendment Bills 2022 on a two-day Special Session?

    A. Maharashtra

    B. Delhi

    C. Tamil Nadu

    D. West Bengal

    Ans: Delhi

10. Which country’s inflation hits a two-decade high of 78.6 %?

    A. France

    B. Japan

    C. Turkey

    D. China

    Ans: Turkey

11. PM Modi to visit Varanasi on __________?

    A. July 5

    B. July 6

    C. July 7

    D. July 8

    Ans: July 7

12. Veteran Bengali director Tarun Majumdar passes away at the age of _________?

    A. 60

    B. 72

    C. 85

    D. 92

    Ans: 92

13. Poush Mela displays local artists displaying folk dance, music, food, and culture of ________?

    A. Gujarat

    B. Rajasthan

    C. West Bengal

    D. Uttarakhand

    Ans: West Bengal

14. Which state CM expand the cabinet, and inducted five more ministers?

    A. Odisha

    B. Delhi

    C. Punjab

    D. Kerala

    Ans: Punjab

15. Which new body has been approved to replace the BBB?

    A. Banks Appointment Bureau (BAB)

    B. Banks and Insurance Companies Bureau

    C. Financial Services Institution Bureau (FSIB)

    D. Financial Institutions Bureau (FIB)

    Ans: Financial Services Institution Bureau (FSIB)

One Current Affairs Question For You

Q. In which city is the forest Research Institute of India located?

    A. New Delhi

    B. Hyderabad

    C. Dehradun

    D. Shimla

    Ans: If you know the answer, tell me in the comment box.

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