Today Current Affairs: 5 July 2022

Today Current Affairs
Today Current Affairs

Today Current Affairs, we gathered all the current affairs of 5 July 2022 and put them in a single post. Important Questions and answers relevant for government exams including topics such as “Indian cricketer creates a world record, Digital India Week 2022, Oceanix City” among others.

Today Current Affairs Questions for UPSC/ IAS Exams

Today Current Affairs Article of aims to help every competitive exam aspirant revise the day at ease. we gathered all the current affairs of 5 July 2022 and put them in a single post.

Important Questions and answers relevant for government exams including topics such as” Hezbollah, International Day of Cooperatives celebration, State’s Start-up Ranking 2021, myelodysplastic syndrome” among others.

Today Current Affairs MCQs

1. Which country gifts 75 ambulances, and 17 school buses to Nepal?

    a. India

    b. Bangladesh

    c. China

    d. Sri Lanka

    Ans: India

2. Recently which Indian cricketer creates a world record?

    a. Virat Kolhi

    b. Virat Kolhi

    c. Rohit Sharma

    d. Mohammad Shami

    Ans: Jasprit Bhumrah

3. PM Narendra Modi to inaugurate Digital India Week 2022 at ___________?

    a. Mumbai

    b. Pune

    c. Gandhinagar

    d. Varanasi

    Ans: Gandhinagar

4. National conference on food and Nutrition Security in India to be held on __________?

    a. July 4

    b. July 5

    c. July 6

    d. July 7

    Ans: July 5

5. Prime Minister to unveil legendary freedom fighter Alluri Sitarama Raju’s statue in which state?

    a. Odisha

    b. Gujarat

    c. Manipur

    d. Andhra Pradesh

    Ans: Andhra Pradesh

Important Check

6. Which country shoots down Hezbollah drones heading for a gas rig?

    a. Lebanon

    b. Morocco

    c. Spain

    d. Israel

    Ans: Israel

7. Home Minister Amit Shah to attend __________ International Day of Cooperatives celebration?

    a. 110th

    b. 140th

    c. 120th

    d. 100th

    Ans: 100th

8. Which of the following wildlife sanctuaries is home to the critically endangered white-backed vulture and the long-billed vulture?

    a. Tamor Pingla

    b. Sajnekhali

    c. Pobitara

    d. Coringa

    Ans: Coringa

9. Union Minister ___________ to announce State’s Start-up Ranking 2021?

    a. Amit Shah

    b. Nirmala Sitharaman

    c. Piyush Goyal

    d. Rajnath Singh

    Ans: Piyush Goyal

10. Which tissue/organ of the human body is affected by myelodysplastic syndrome?

    a. Thymus gland

    b. Pancreas

    c. Blood cells

    d. Lymphatic vessels

    Ans: Blood Cells

11. Yari Lapid officially becomes Prime Minister of which country?

    a. Lebanon

    b. Turkey

    c. Israel

    d. Iran

    Ans: Israel

12. Which body is responsible for the implementation of the NIPUN project of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs?

    a. National Skill Training Institute

    b. National Skill Development Corporation

    c. National Council for Vocational Education and Training

    d. National Skill Development Fund

    Ans: National Skill Development Corporation

13. Which country bans the purchase of vehicles to further tightened austerity measures?

    a. Bangladesh

    b. China

    c. France

    d. Egypt

    Ans: Bangladesh

14. A floating city named Oceanix City is going to be set up in which country?

    a. Maldives
    b.South Korea
    c. Singapore
    d. Malaysia
    Ans: South Korea

15. Coal Minister Pralhad Joshi reaches which country on a Six-day visit?

    a. China

    b. New Zealand

    c. France

    d. Australia

    Ans: Australia

One Current Affairs Question For You

Q. Who discovered Sodium?

    a. Humphry Davy

    b. William Henry Fox

    c. J.J Thomson

    d. Karl Benz

    Ans: If you know the answer, tell me in the comment box.

The Answer Of Previous Day Current Affairs MCQ
  • The answer to the 4 July question is: Jasprit Bhumrah

We hope this (Today Current Affairs: 5 July 2022) article will help you. All the best, have a Great Day 🙂


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