Top 20 Weekly Current affairs: 11 to 17 July 2022

Weekly current affairs, we have compiled 7 days of current affairs questions and answers relevant for government exams including topics such as ”World International Justice Day, coronavirus cases, Ashoka Stambh, BRICS, Artificial Intelligence, ISSF World Cup, INS Vikrant” among others.

Weekly Current affairs
Weekly Current affairs

Weekly Current Affairs for UPSC

Weekly Current Affairs Article of aims to help every competitive exam aspirant to revise the day at ease. we gathered all the current affairs from 11 July to 17 July 2022 and put them in a single post.

Weekly Current Affairs MCQs

1. When is World International Justice Day celebrated?

    A. 16th July

    B. 17th July

    C. 18th July

    D. 19th July

    Ans: 17th July

2. Spain to Make some train journeys free from _________?

    A. August

    B. September

    C. October

    D. November

    Ans: September

3. Health experts warn of explosive increase in the number of coronavirus cases in which country?

    A. Bahrain

    B. Japan

    C. Norway

    D. Spain

    Ans: Japan

4. When was the Ashoka Stambh built?

    A. 30 BC

    B. 250 BC

    C. 469 BC

    D. 3 BC

    Ans: 250 BC

5. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and which country is set to join BRICS?

    A. France

    B. Sudan

    C. Egypt

    D. Bahrain

    Ans: Egypt

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6. Which country to invest two billion dollars to develop an integrated Food Park in India?

    A. Russia

    B. China

    C. UAE

    D. USA

    Ans: UAE

7. Defence Ministry to launch _______ newly developed Artificial Intelligence products?

    A. 80

    B. 52

    C. 75

    D. 97

    Ans: 75

8. Which state reports the first monkeypox case?

    A. Tamil Nadu

    B. Maharashtra

    C. Kerala

    D. West Bengal

    Ans: Kerala

9. Ricket’s is a disease associated with the deficiency of ________?

    A. Vitamin C

    B. Vitamin A

    C. Vitamin D

    D. Vitamin B

    Ans: Vitamin D

10. Which country scientists develop a novel mechanism to inactivate SARS-CoV-2?

    A. China

    B. Japan

    C. India

    D. USA

    Ans: India

11. Recently, where has the record of building the longest double-decker flyover in India been made?

    A. Mumbai

    B. Kolkata

    C. Nagpur

    D. Gujarat

    Ans: Nagpur

12. 94-year-old Bhagwani Devi from India wins gold medal in 100 m sprint in ________?

    A. Japan

    B. Finland

    C. Mexico

    D. Saudi Arabia

    Ans: Finland

13. India’s Arjun Babuta wins first gold medal at ISSF World Cup in ________?

    A. Norway

    B. New Zealand

    C. South Korea

    D. Canada

    Ans: South Korea

14. Indian grapplers bag how many medals in Asian U-20 Westling Championships?

    A. 10

    B. 18

    C. 22

    D. 28

    Ans: 22

15. Paper Import Monitoring System, PIMS will come into effect from _________ this year?

    A. 1st August

    B. 1st September

    C. 1st October

    D. 1st November

    Ans: 1st October

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16. The unemployment rate has increased to what percent in June 2022?

    A. 6.9%

    B. 7.8%

    C. 7..4%

    D. 8.2%

    Ans: 7.8%

17. Who has become the first bowler in the history of T20 to bowl 500 dot balls?

    A. Sidney Barnes

    B. Glenn McGrath

    C. Bhuvneshwar Kumar

    D. None of these

    Ans: Bhuvneshwar Kumar

18. Abhishek Verma, Jyothi Surekha win bronze in _________ at The World Games 2022?

    A. Boxing

    B. Archery

    C. Badminton

    D. Chess

    Ans: Archery

19. Which country is preparing for a total cutoff of Russian gas?

    A. Spain

    B. Luxemburg

    C. France

    D. Singapore

    Ans: France

20. INS Vikrant successfully completes which phase of the sea trial?

    A. First

    B. Second

    C. Third

    D. Fourth

    Ans: Forth

21. Blue Vitriol is another name for which of the following?

    A. Copper Sulphate

    B. Oxygen

    C. Copper

    D. Magnesium Oxide

    Ans: Copper Sulphate

22. Pradhan Mantri National Apprenticeship Mela to be held at more than ___________ locations across the country?

    A. 100

    B. 150

    C. 200

    D. 250

    Ans: 200

23. Greenko has signed an MoU with which IIT to launch India’s first dedicated school for sustainable science and technology?

    A. IIT Delhi

    B. IIT Madras

    C. IIT Hyderabad

    D. IIT Kharagpur

    Ans: IIT Hyderabad

24. Recently who wins the Wimbledon women’s single title?

    A. Maria Sharapova

    B. Elena Rybakina

    C. Serena Williams

    D. Steffi Graf

    Ans: Elena Rybakina

25. Indian Mughal painting originated during the rule of which Mughal Emperor?

    A. Jahangir

    B. Akbar

    C. Humayun

    D. Shah Jahan

    Ans: Humayun

One Current Affairs Question For You

Q. Hardeep Singh Puri dedicates _________ CNG station across 14 state?

    A. 141

    B. 128

    C. 166

    D. 172

    Ans: Tell me in the comment box if you know the answer.

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